Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pest & Rodent Control

    • Do You Warranty Your Service?

      Absolutely! Our team wants to deliver the ultimate peace of mind for our customers, which is why we offer a 60-day warranty. So, if notice pests within 2 months of our service, we will return, free of charge to re-treat.

    • What Pests Do You Treat For?

      As a licensed Structural Pest Control specialist, we can treat for the pests that plague Los Angeles homes and businesses most, including:

      • Bed bugs
      • Cockroaches
      • Spiders
      • Rodents
      • Ants
      • Stinging insects
      • Mosquitos
      • Silverfish
      • Beetles
      • Flies
      • Earwigs
      • Mites and fleas
      • Weevils
      • Millipedes
      • And more!
    • What Should I Do Before Your Team Arrives?

      Each infestation is different, which is why our team takes the time to listen to your concerns and walks you through every aspect of your treatment. This includes what to prepare before our team arrives. We offer thorough preparation sheets for both our bed bug treatments and cockroach treatments. This can look like clearing out drawers and cabinets, vacuuming, removing trash, or preparing bedding and linens.

    • What Types of Treatments Do You Use?

      Our team is continuously trained on the latest techniques and treatments on the market to ensure we are up to date on the safest, most efficient, and most effective pest control. This includes the trusted Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods. Using these techniques help us identify pest nesting areas, entry points, and food sources to establish the scope and source of your specific infestation, for a more targeted pest control experience.

    • How Are Pests Getting into my Home?

      It is commonly thought that pests only invade dirty homes. However, even the cleanest properties can be infiltrated by pests. Just like us, insects need food, water, and shelter—something our homes have in spades. Thanks to their small size and specialized physiology, pests can sneak in through the smallest cracks to take advantage of your home’s warmth, water supply, and stray crumbs. Additionally, since insects like cockroaches can carry anywhere between 15 – 50 eggs, a single pest can quickly turn into an infestation.

      This means that while keeping a clean home is important, the best way to keep pests out is through ongoing preventative maintenance and routinely checking areas where gaps or cracks might occur, such as door jams, window sealants, garage doors, ductwork, vents, and attic insulation. Additionally small pests such as German cockroaches and bed bugs can hitch a ride on suitcases and grocery bags, so being conscious about cleaning these items before entering your home can help minimize exposure.

  • Pest Control

    • Do I Need Pest Control in Winter?

      Unfortunately, yes. While most flying insects are associated with the summer months, ground pests such as rodents, cockroaches, spiders, and bed bugs seek out the warmth of your home for protection, so many property owners will see a spike in pest activity during winter months if left untreated.

    • How Long After Treatment Will I See Results?

      While no two infestations are the same, you can typically expect to notice results in two weeks. If that timeframe is unrealistic for your unique issue, we will walk you through expectations prior to service, so you are never in the dark about your treatment. If you notice pests after the designated wait time, we offer a warranty to re-treat your property for free within 60 days of service.

    • Why Might it Take Multiple Pest Control Treatments?

      The lifecycle of pests is quick and persistent. So, if you are suffering from a particularly bad infestation, it might take multiple visits to ensure there are no hidden eggs or nymphs present. To keep pest infestations at bay, Gladiator Pest Control offers a variety of ongoing treatment plans to help our neighbors avoid these troubling infestations, including quarterly, bi-monthly, and monthly solutions.

    • How to Tell if I Have a Bed Bug Infestation?

      Bed bugs are incredibly small, making them challenging to identify until you experience the negative side effects of their presence. With over a decade of experience treating for bed bugs, we have helped thousands of property owners identify bed bug infestations.

      7 warning signs of a bed bug infestation:

      1. You have small, itchy bumps on your body
      2. You notice small red or rusty brown stains on your sheets
      3. You have recently purchased secondhand furniture and brought it into your home without washing it
      4. There appears to be light brown flakes (bed bug casings) on your bedding, furniture, or clothing
      5. Dark spots the size of a period on your fabrics
      6. You notice pale white circles (eggs and eggshells) around the baseboard of your bed
      7. You spot live bed bugs
    • I Tried a Store-Bought Pest Treatment and It Didn’t Work. What Should I Do Now?

      While accessible at nearly every grocery store or hardware store, not all store-bought pest controls are created equally. Some products use an insufficient level of the chemicals needed to exterminate pests, others are not targeted to specific infestation you are facing—leading to ineffective treatments. For example, using Aerosol won’t work against cockroaches. Additionally, most of the store-bought treatments aren’t endorsed by industry institutions like IPM and the EPA.

      So, if you have used a spray, bomb, or trap to zero success, give our team a call. We utilize industry-leading treatments that are targeted to your unique infestation—backing up our services with unmatched warranties.

  • Rodent Control

    • How to Tell if I Have a Rodent Infestation?

      Mice and rats can enter your property through surprisingly small cracks, making themselves comfortable in attics, basements, and behind your walls. Because these pests are nocturnal, it might be hard to spot them, however, there are a few clear signs to look out for if you suspect you have a rodent infestation, including:

      • Tears, rips, or bites in food packaging
      • An unpleasant and pungent musky odor—a telltale sign of droppings, urine, or dead rodents in your home
      • Small brown or black droppings, resembling the size of grains of rice, around your attic or basement
      • Gnaw marks on wires, furniture, fabric, or insultation
      • Discolored, greasy streaks around baseboards